Review: Sub For A Week by Erin Lark

Title:Sub for a Week
Author:Erin Lark
Release Date: November 28th 2012
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Erotica
Rating: 3 Hoots
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Sum It Up!
The story unfolds quickly, but I felt very third party to their romance.

Before she can cut him loose, he wants to tie her up. Can she walk away from his domination once her week of submission ends?

For over a year, Julia has helped her clients ignite their sex lives, while her own resembles that of a nun.

That is, until Daniel. Honest, and possibly one of her most dominant clients, he's already tempting enough without his invitation to meet in person. And his charm doesn't end there.

Stunned by Daniel's offer to train her as his sub for one week, Julia's gut instinct is to pull the plug. But when they finally meet, Julia's dormant desire flares, and her private fantasies can't compare to what Daniel does with his hands, a flogger or a pair of cuffs.

Faced with a mouthwatering proposition and bent to his will, can Julia attain true submission before the week's end, or will she walk away with nothing more than the memory of Daniel's kiss, a taste of his skin, and a new-found desire like she has never experienced before? (Goodreads)

I found the premise of this book a bit hard to believe...a therapist who counsels over IM. But, perhaps there is such a thing. But more confusion on my part was that said therapist was a repressed, sexually frustrated individual who counsels in the sex/kink arena. Odd.

The story starts from Daniel being "cured" of his confidence issues and now detecting the submission needs of his counselor. They seem to have forged a bond, but Julia (IMHO) is so far out of line that she borders on malpractice. She knows his ins and outs and all his kinks and I believe subliminally, she played them up to get Daniel to claim her. She is after all so repressed and frustrated with her life and really wants someone (a dominant) to order her to be his.

The story unfolds quickly, but I felt very third party to their romance. It was detached and not the trusting scenario that I would have preferred. It seemed to be more about proving to Julia who she was (a sub) and what she needed (Daniel for her Dom). While the HEA came, I didn't feel the emotions that I would have wanted expressed in what should be a very powerful and moving bond. Enjoy!

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