Review: Babycakes by Donna Kauffman

Author:Donna Kauffman
Series:Cupcake Club #3
Release Date: October 30th 2012
Publisher: Brava
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3.5 Hoots
Reviewer: Krystal
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Sum It Up!
This book is recommended to adult romance readers.


Molten Chocolate…Cinnamon Spice…Gingerbread…Old-Fashioned Vanilla…You can’t stop at just one.
And the women of the Cupcake Club love to indulge…
Kit Bellamy was raised on pie. Mamie Sue’s Peanut Pies, to be exact, the family company her scheming brother-in-law sold out from under her. Now Kit needs a new recipe for her life—and sleepy Sugarberry Island is the first ingredient. Running mail-order cupcake business Babycakes is a chance to get her baking on again—until she meets tall, dark, and adorable lawyer Morgan Westlake. New to the island to raise his goddaughter, he’s as mouthwatering as any of Kit’s creations. It’s just her luck that he’s the spawn of the very law firm that helped crush her dreams…
Fortunately, Kit’s new friends can assure her that Morgan is no typical Westlake—and that even lawyers, not to mention single dads, need romance. If Kit can just be persuaded to follow her appetite—and set another place at her holiday table—her sweetest dreams just might come true… (Goodreads)
Ready for a tasty novel? This book is the third in the Cupcake Club series, and the reader should try to read the first two prior to this book. Kit Bellamy runs Babycakes, a mail-order cupcake business, in place of her dream business-Mamie Sue's Peanut Pies. Mamie Sue's Peanut Pies was always Kit's life dream; however, the dream of owning and running that business was cruelly torn away when her brother-in-law sold the business without her knowledge. Happy and content with Babycakes, after taking some time to recover from the low blow dealt by her brother-in-law, Kit goes about her business. When she meets Morgan Westlake, she knows she is about to run into trouble. Morgan, a powerful lawyer, was part of the firm that tore Kit's dream cupcake business away from her. Can Kit look past Morgan's past to the man underneath?
Kit was a wonderful character to follow. Cheery and sweet, she literally resembles her cupcakes in character. Morgan is the typical strong male love interest. Intelligent and charismatic, the author writes Morgan in such a way that the reader will feel as if he/she could pick him out of a crowd. The other characters are fun, and serve to supply the reader with background information. The plot itself wasn't wholly novel and original, but perfect for the Holidays. Uplifting romances are always fun to root for; the reader won't be able to resist Morgan and Kit's obvious love for each other. This book is recommended to adult romance readers.

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  1. Solid chick lit I love it! The cover looks so yummy too!


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