Review: A Souls So Wicked by Sharie Kohler

Title:A Soul so Wicked
Author:Sharie Kohler
Series:Moon Chasers #6
Release Date: Dec 18, 2012
Publisher: Pocket Books
Genre:Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Krystal
Buy From: Amazon / B&N

Sum It Up!
The plot itself is fast-paced and fun to read

Sharie Kohler continues her popular Moon Chaser series with a fantastical tale about a lycan and a demon witch who join forces to search for love and redemption.
A lycan generations old, Darius roams the earth seeking redemption as he hunts the one responsible for his terrible curse, determined to make her pay the price for the untold suffering he’s brought upon the world. The last thing he expects, however, is to find a tantalizing woman beneath the demon witch who’s as desperate for redemption—and love—as he is.
For more than 1,000 years, Tresa, an enslaved demon witch who has spent her long life tormented by the devastating mistakes of her past, has roamed the earth fleeing her demon, trying to make amends and avoid unleashing further evil upon the world. Although she feels deserving of the torment she has brought on herself, in Darius’s arms she begins to feel the most dangerous thing of all…hope that maybe passion can burn hotter than the evil hunting her. (Goodreads)
Ready for the next installment of the Moon Chaser series? Darius, a lycan, is cursed and must discover a way to end the curse once and for all. Tresa is a demon witch with a haunted past and a good heart. She has done terrible deeds, but desires to atone for them. Darius is no angel. His curse, too, caused him to inflict suffering on others. Can Darius end his curse and can Tresa make up for the damage she has caused?
Tresa and Darius make quite the pair; both are wounded spiritually and physically. They do appear to be innately good, although the reader hears about their terrible pasts often. One might think that hearing about what Tresa and Darius did would be a turn-off, but the reader will likely realize how much Tresa and Darius regret their actions and how strongly they try to make up for them. Readers who have been following this series will likely have expected Tresa to be a terrible person-she is, after all, the cause of the lycan curse. However, the author lets the reader pore over scenes from Tresa's past that will force the reader to view Tresa in a new light. As Darius acclimates to Tresa, he sees her differently as well. His hatred must be put aside when he works with her to solve a murder...and later on as he begins to feel desire for her.
The plot itself is fast-paced and fun to read. There is a grisly murder that must be solved, a budding romance, and a strong resolution. The reader will be kept turning the pages to discover what will happen next and be left satisfied at the conclusion of the book. This book is recommended to adult readers.


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