Review: Deadly Reunion by Lynde Lakes

Title: Deadly Reunion
Author:Lynde Lakes
Release Date: June 2, 2012
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Suspense/Romance
Rating: 3.75 Hoots
Reviewer: Angela
Buy From: Amazon/ Barnes and Noble

Sum It Up! Deadly Reunion is a thrilling story filled with mystery, murder and romance. 

A revenge-crazed killer targets homicide detective Malia Reed’s classmates during the events of their ten-year high school reunion. Malia finds the first victim—her best friend, Kiki—brutally murdered in the trunk of her car. The mounting evidence points to Kiki’s estranged husband, Damon Shaw.

Malia wants him to be innocent but senses he’s holding something back. She vows not to let her long-time attraction to the hard-bodied writer influence the way she handles the case. But is that even possible when his every glance sets her on fire? (Evernightpublishing.com)

Deadly Reunion is a thrilling story filled with mystery, murder and romance. Malia is a strong willed woman whose focus as a detective is catching killers, but the latest killing spree turns deadlier than she’d ever thought possible. Kiki was her best friend and now Malia has to push her personal feelings aside to catch the scumbag who brutally murdered her. Her number one suspect is Kiki’s soon to be ex-husband, Damon.

Damon was heartbroken by his wife’s infidelity and just before the divorce was final, Kiki was murdered and adding insult to injury, the detective heading the case is Kiki’s maid of honor, Malia. Damon didn’t expect to see her in this setting but something stirs inside of him when Malia walks in the room to interrogate him.

Together Damon and Malia work the case but more killings are happening and if they aren’t careful, their attraction for one another may be the end to them as well.

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