Review: Canyon Shadows by Vonna Harper

Title: Canyon Shadows
Author: Vonna Harper
Release Date: December,2011
Publisher: AphrodisiaGenre: Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: April
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Sum It Up!

The plot and mystery of the book was an added bonus and kept me guessing till the end!

Canine trainer Shari Afton can’t deny the shiver of pleasure that runs through her at the sound of Maco Durant’s sexy voice over the phone. Seems that trouble has followed this Wyoming rancher to Oregon, and he wants two of her guard dogs for protection. And she wants to see the cowboy face-to-face…

As she waits for Maco, the last thing Shari expects is the sound of a gunshot. When Maco arrives, Shari puts on a brave front, but the shooting brings back vivid memories of her past and she can barely control her emotions around this rugged stranger…
Maco’s concern awakens an intimate place deep inside that Shari has almost forgotten. With one touch, he ignites her erotic desire, and within his strong, masculine embrace, she surrenders to a wild ride in the saddle, western style… (Goodreads)
Canyon Shadows by Vonna Harper was a really great read but I thought it ended just when things were getting started! I so wanted more to the story. I liked that her characters were not the typical super sexy hero and oh so gorgeous heroine! Shari and Maco came off as regular people you can really relate to. This was a very hot and steamy book and was a great quick read but could have offered so much more had it been longer.
The plot and mystery of the book was an added bonus and kept me guessing till the end! I have read a few other books by Ms. Harper and would recommend her any day!

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