Review: Lie To Me by Toni St. Claire

Title: Lie to Me
Author:Tori St. Claire
Series:Black Opals Series - Book 2
Release Date: July,2012
Publisher: Berkley Heat
Genre: Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Hoots
Reviewer: April
Buy From: Amazon/ Barnes and Noble

Sum It Up! If you love a hot steamy mystery with characters and a plot to die for...Lie to Me is for you!

After helping to break up a Russian human trafficking ring as part of the CIA’s elite Black Opal team, Alexei Nikanova’s newest assignment is to rescue one of the stolen women and return her to her father. When he arrives in Dubai, he discovers his target is Sasha Zablosky—a woman he knows all too well, and who has haunted him ever since their one unforgettable night together. But he finds Sasha reluctant to leave her Sheik, the only true friend she’s ever known. Only Alexei can’t give her a choice.

With their yearning roused by intrigue, Alexei and Sasha can no longer resist and spend night after night in forbidden pleasure. Soon Alexei finds himself falling for her even as he battles a shadowy menace to protect her. But Sasha is no innocent. She has a past darker than she could ever admit or that Alexei could ever forgive. And it is about to explode into her life once more. Now, as the lies they tell themselves—and each other—pull them deeper into a perilous desire, what began as simple passion becomes a love certain to destroy them and end the lives of countless innocents. (Goodreads)
Lie to Me was incredible!! I was drawn into Sasha and Alexei's story from the very beginning. There is suspense, intrigue, steamy sex scenes and secrets galore! Alexei is part of a secret CIA team, the Black Opals, and working undercover he has to kidnap Sasha and help stop a human trafficking ring. Who knew he would fall for Sasha so hard and not be able to get her off his mind?
I could not stop reading...I was up all night long! I had to know if they could work things out and I was dying to see what other secrets they were hiding from each other. The chemistry between Sasha and Alexei is almost tangible and holds you hostage until you finish the book!
I have not read the first book in this series, but will definitely be doing it now!
If you love a hot steamy mystery with characters and a plot to die for...Lie to Me is for you!

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