13 Things from CC Hunter

13 Things You’ll Learn From Takenat Dusk

     1.      Theonly thing worse than trying to help a woman with amnesia remember her name andlife is trying to help a dead womanwith amnesia remember hers.
     2.      Becareful what you wish for—you might just get it . . . and the reality willprobably not be anything like the fantasy.

     3.      Theperson you think is your enemy could just turn into a friend who'll do anythingto save you.
     4.      Thescariest thing in the world isn't ghosts or rogue vampires bent on murder—it'sfalling in love.
     5.      Explainingwhy you have a skunk curled up in your arms to your mom and your old bestfriend is as easy as eating a brownie while brushing your teeth.
     6.      Weall make mistakes, which is why it's so important to practice forgiveness.
     7.      Theonly thing worse than a pissed-off shapeshifter is a pissed-off shapeshifter inlove.
     8.      Sometimesthe earth really does have to open up and swallow you whole before you canaccept the truth that's right in front of you.
9.      Vampireshave no sense of humor . . . especially when they get turned into a kangaroo.
10.  Freewill gives us choices, but even making the right choices can't change destiny .. . and learning to accept that can be the most painful lesson of all.
11. People aren’t always who they say theyare, even if you really want them to be.
12. Sometimes when you try to savesomeone, they end up saving you instead.
13. Never get between a dragon and awarlock on the war path.


  1. I really look forward to this book! And, I've gotta tell you, I NEVER get between a dragon and a warlock at any time or any place.

  2. Christina Kit.4/10/12, 10:39 AM

    I love this list and you can really tell the series is full of twists and great characters:)


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