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2012 Romantic Suspense Wish list:
  1. Gritty
  2. dark
  3. possessive
  4. and sexy

This year I am looking for some romantic suspense with an edge.  Typically, the romantic suspense that I consume is a straight forward mystery where the H/h falls in love along the way.  A couple of my standby authors are Lori Foster and Marie Force.  Lori Foster’s latest offering is The Perfect Storm (see my review) coming out May 27, 2012 and is the perfect series end to her highly popular and sexy ‘Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor’.

Both Foster and Force are romantic suspense authors who write detailed interconnect stories about hard working cops, honest bounty hunters and brave military heroes.  While these types of books are a mainstay in my reading, this year I am looking for something a little edgier. 

Now, when I think of romance+suspense+edge the best summation I can arrive at is Lora Leigh.  Ms. Leigh definitely writes hard, sexy, possessive men.  As many of you who follow my reviews know, I love her Nauti series.  Another edgy-suspense author favorite of mine would be Shannon McKenna.  Ms. McKenna definitely writes some sexy, possessive, dark, uber alphas, but she also writes gritty hard story lines, the likes of which no more profound than in her Extreme Danger novel.  Sometimes authors write both…like Nina Bruhns writing more contemporary romantic suspense in her ‘Passion for Danger’ and ‘Men in Uniform’ Series or writing as Nikita Black with the grittier erotic suspense story Slave to Love

Last year, my best new romantic suspense find was Pamela Clare.  Her series, the I-Team, had it all: romance, love, lies, grit, and suspense (edge of your couch, “will they make it out alive” suspense).  This year I am looking for that next great series…So far the suggestions thrown at me include:
  • Elite Force Series by Catherine Mann (3 Books)
  • Hot Shots: Men of Fire Series by Bella Andre (3 Books)
  • Last Chance Rescue by Christy Reece (9 Books)
  • Firefighters of Station Five by Jo Davis (5 Books)
  • Bodyguard and Black Ops Series by Cindy Gerard (6 and 7 Books); one Black Ops novella which I have already read and loved moved these series’ to the front of my TBR list.

I welcome your comments and suggestion for books!  Also, I love finding new great authors…so I need to shout out right now for my best find of 2012: Kristen Ashley and two of her series which I have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED!  Colorado Mountain and the Dream Men series are wonderful, filled with uber alpha males and sweet, sexy romance.  Each book has an undercurrent of mystery that plays second to the characters and their connection.  Reviews are up!  Check them out.  Warning:  KAs men are gritty, profane and raunchy while out in public and they get worse/better behind closed doors.  Enjoy!



  1. Have you tried the infamous fifty shades series?

    1. Respectfully, no. Brandi here at the site Loved it! Not interested in jumping on board...since I have like 147 books ahead of them...quite the buzzzz books though!


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