Review: Blackmailed by the Beast by Sam Crescent

Title: Blackmailed by the Beast
Author: Sam Crescent
Series: Unlike Love Book 1
Release Date: February 2012
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Erotica
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Charity

Wayne Brown is ruthless when it comes to business, and with a nickname of "The Beast", no one dares to challenge him. What he wants he gets.

Lily Jones is sweet innocence and despises men like Wayne. But the Jones family is desperate, and he offers them a solution to their problems. Only he wants something in return...Lily. She either marries him or her family answers to the debt collectors. With no choice left, she agrees and begins life as his wife.

Through his seduction and touch, Lily's body betrays her, and as time passes, so does her heart. But how can she fall in love with a man who blackmails to get what he wants? (Goodreads)

I loved the details of this story. Even though “Beast” is in the title, do not let that make you think this is a paranormal story, but wowzer if it was. I do love Wayne’s possessive nature, but the high handedness of his blackmail without truly knowing her as a person is a little chauvinistic. It would have been understandable as a shifter finding his mate, but a regular guy seeing a regular girl- a little weird. That was my only real issue with the story. Lily’s character was just the right amount of vulnerability, low self-esteem, and feisty all rolled into one. I liked seeing the love grow, and the family secrets coming out. I can’t wait to read Richard’s story.


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