Review: Where All The Dead Lie - J.T. Ellison

Title: Where All The Dead Lie
Author: J.T. Ellison
Release Date: September 2011
Publisher: Mira
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Dori

In her showdown with the murderous Pretender, a bullet taken at close range severed the connection between Taylor’s thoughts and speech. Effectively mute, there’s no telling if her voice will ever come back. Trapped in silence, she is surrounded by ghosts — of the past, of friendships and trusts lost — of the specter of a lost faith in herself and her motives that night.
When Memphis Highsmythe offers Taylor his home in the Scottish highlands to recuperate, her fiancé John Baldwin can’t refuse her excitement, no matter his distrust of the man. At first, Memphis’s drafty and singularly romantic castle seems the perfect place for healing. But shortly the house itself surrounds her like a menacing presence. As Taylor’s sense of isolation and vulnerability grows, so, too, does her grip on reality.
PTSD. Pills. Ghosts. Grudges.
Someone or something is coming after Taylor. But is she being haunted by the dead...or hunted by the living? (Goodreads)

Taylor Jackson has suffered a horrible traumatic experience at the hands of the Pretender. She watched her best friend being tortured at the hands of a psychopath, she realized her fiancée lied to her and a bullet entered her skull. Upon awakening from a coma, Taylor cannot speak. She tries to deal with the aftermath of her mistakes, which changed lives forever, her loss of voice and the unresolved emotions taking a toll on her psyche. It is not until her friend, Memphis Highsmythe, offers her his residence in Scotland to recuperate that Taylor begins the healing process. Against the advice of Baldwin and Sam, Taylor sets off the Scotland. Form the moment she arrives in Scotland things is not as tranquil as she hoped. The hallucinations, insomnia and headaches have Taylor wondering if she is truly losing her mind.
J.T Ellison takes you on a journey through paranoia, madness, and reality. Throughout the book you wonder is Taylor, really losing her mind or is this cruel and twisted plot to get rid of her for the last time. The character developments of Memphis and Dr. Madeira James add to the depth and complexity of the story. Taylor’s emotional rollercoaster takes a toll on the reader as well. Her struggles with reality will become yours. Not to limit this story to Taylor’s struggles, Ellison throws such a curve ball in the story you to believe that Satan is alive and living in one of the characters. (For only Satan would have come up with a plot so heinous) If you love psychological thrillers, then Where the Dead Lie is a must have for your library.

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