Review: Blood And Fire - Shannon McKenna

Title: Blood And Fire
Author: Shannon McKenna
Release Date: September 2011
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia

Restless and impulsive, Bruno Ranieri has the temperament to fit right in with the McClouds. And just like the McCloud brothers, Bruno has a dangerous past to contend with—one that’s about to come crashing back into his life…
Bruno Ranieri has always lived at a chaotic pace, and that goes double lately. Since his uncle’s untimely demise, Bruno is working himself to the bone, trying to keep his nose clean and save the family business. Not easy when the nightmares that plagued his childhood are hi-jacking what little rest he gets.
So when exotically beautiful Lily Parr sashays into his all-night restaurant, claiming to be on the run from mysterious assassins, Bruno starts to wonder if sleep deprivation is finally getting to him. Especially when Lily implies that Bruno is involved. But the violence that accompanies her arrival is no illusion. Nor is the blisteringly hot, completely inconvenient desire that explodes between them.
Lily Parr has been a fugitive ever since her father’s death a month ago in a mental hospital. Officials claimed it was suicide, but Lily’s gut—and the savage murder attempt she barely escaped afterwards—say different. Snippets of information led Lily to Bruno’s door...and his magnetic charisma compelled her right into his bed. But there are cold-blooded killers on her heels, with resources as limitless as their cruelty.
Running won’t help, not when the biggest threat is the terrifying secret lurking in Bruno and Lily’s pasts. A secret their mysterious enemy will gladly destroy them to protect—unless they can uncover it first... (www.shannonmckenna.com)

Shannon McKenna is back! And everything I felt was missing in Fade to Midnight, I got in spades with this book. Blood and Fire is explosive. Bruno, the adopted brother of Kevin, is now the de-facto adopted brother of the entire McCloud clan. As his auntie, Zia Rosa, has also been assimilated into the McClouds, Bruno has no choice but to turn to them when his life is in danger.
Fleeing the scene, Bruno leaves behind three dead bodies of men who attacked him outside his late Uncle Tony’s diner. Bruno is forced to run with a gorgeous, mysterious woman with whom he had one afternoon of explosive sex. Vowing to get Lily to safety, Bruno pulls Aero and the McClouds into his vortex.
Lily is not your average woman. She has taken care of her father since she was a child. Now, at 29 and running for her life, Lily runs to the one man her father mentioned just hours before his murder…Bruno Ranieri. Somehow she believes Bruno can help her prove her father was not crazy and maybe, just maybe survive the week. But one look at him and her heart is gone.
One afternoon in his arms and she knows she would follow him anywhere. But with organized killers watching their every move, they have no where to hide.
The action is fast paced, the sex is explosive and the interplay between Bruno and Lily; Bruno and Aero; Bruno and Kevin; as well as Bruno and the McCloud brothers en masse was dynamite. The romance was not at the steam level of Out of Control with Davy and Margot or the frequency of Edge of Midnight with Sean and Liv, but Bruno brings his own raw flare and Lily a beautiful naïveté to their story. The love develops out of lust, fear and trust. It was truly amazing to read and watch it grow.
I loved the resolution with Kevin and his brothers, something that was sorely missing in Fade to Midnight. In retrospect, it was perfect that Fade left this part out…Kev was gone for 18 years! There was a lot of stuff to deal with and if the resolution came in a neat package…then it would have been false. Nothing about the McClouds is neat and tidy. They and their friends are raw, rough and vulgar…just the way I like ‘em! Enjoy!

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