Review: Sins of the Highlander- Connie Mason

Title: Sins of the Highlander  
Author: Connie Mason  
Release Date: January, 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks 
Genre: Historical
Rating: 5 Hoots- Top Pick 
Reviewer: April 

“Mad Rob” MacLaren thought stealing his enemy’s bride-to-be was the perfect revenge. But he never reckoned that this beautiful, innocent lass would waken the part of him he thought dead and buried with his wife. Against all reason, Rob longs to introduce the luscious Elspeth Stewart to the pleasures of the flesh, to make her his and only his forever. 

Even with her gift of the Sight, never had Elspeth Stewart imagined her wedding would be interrupted by a darkhaired stranger charging in on a black stallion, scooping her into his arms, and carrying her off across the wild Scottish highlands. With two clans against them burning for battle, they must find a way to join together–body, breath, and soul. Or both will be made to pay for the Sins of the Highlander. (Goodreads)

Sins of the Highlander is amazing! I love this book. When Rob steals Elspeth from the alter you might think he is a little crazy, but when you learn his reasons why he did it and how kind and gentle he is with Elspeth...you want him to steal you away too! His wife was taken from him by Elspeth's intended and tortured until she died. He thought taking Elspeth would be the perfect revenge and never imagined learning to forgive and love again would be in his future.

At first when she is taken from the altar, Elspeth is definitely scared, but strangely attracted to Rob. She sees something inside him and knows he is a good man and only in deep pain and denial. She soon realizes no matter what happens with her and Rob he has saved her from marrying a beast and living a horrid life. I devoured this book in one sitting and will be looking forward to more by Connie Mason! 

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