Review: His Destiny- Diana Cosby

Title: His Destiny  
Author: Diana Cosby  
Release Date: October, 2011
Publisher: Zebra 
Genre: Historical
Rating: 4 Hoots 
Reviewer: Lexi 


As one of England's most capable mercenaries, Emma Astyn can charm an enemy and brandish a knife with unmatched finesse. Assigned to befriend Dubh Duer, an infamous Scottish rebel, she assumes the guise of innocent damsel Christina Moffat to intercept the writ he’s carrying to a traitorous bishop. But as she gains the dark hero’s confidence and realizes they share a tattered past, compassion—and passion—distract her from the task at hand… 


His legendary slaying of English knights has won him the name Dubh Duer, but Sir Patrik Cleary MacGruder is driven by duty and honor, not heroics. Rescuing Christina from the clutches of several such knights is a matter of obligation for the Scot. But there's something alluring about her fiery spirit, even if he has misgivings about her tragic history. Together, they'll endure a perilous journey of love and betrayal, and a harrowing fight for their lives… (Goodreads)

The truth will set you free; or get you thrown in a dungeon, tortured or sentenced to death. All true and all a very real possibilities resulting in Emma keeping her secret, no matter how much her heart yearns for freedom.

Emma has skill with a blade, courage, determination, beauty, and a wounded heart. Who is Patrik to resist such a heady combination? Even though she is a well-known enemy she is also the other half of his heart. 

Patrik is the kind of man you want fighting on your side, protecting you. Not the kind of man you want angry and coming for you, an intimidating prospect. No wonder Emma is so intent on keeping him in the dark.

Cosby has written another great addition to the MacGruders series. Once again she has her characters dealing with strong prejudices and deep secrets. She brings her characters to life and makes you feel what they feel. A wonderful read that will sweep you back in time and throw you in a castle with some handsome Scottish men. 


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