Review: Burning for You- KT Grant

Title: Burning for You
Author: KT Grant
Release Date: June, 2011
Publisher: Phaze
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: Catherine

Patrick Medcaff is a thirty-something blue collar worker trying to make ends meet in Manhattan. He dreams of owning a condo, and in order to do that he has to work a part-time job along with his full time job as a handyman at the ritzy St. Jennings hotel. Patrick will be the newest addition to the New York City College janitorial staff where he is introduced to the shark looking handsome Dean of the Economics department, Christian Jennings. 

When Christian and Patrick meet, sparks fly between the two. Patrick thinks nothing can come out of their attraction because Christian is a college graduate who comes from an affluent family made of money, while he barely has two pennies to rub together. Christian, on the other hand, can't get Patrick off his mind, and will prove that although they are opposites in every way, their desires for one another can't be ignored. 

Soon these two are embarking on a secret love affair. But when an ex-boyfriend of Patrick’s comes back to claim him, Christian will do whatever he can to keep Patrick as his own. (Goodreads) 
This was a cute "feel good" love at first sight story about a janitor of a college in NYC who falls in love with a College Dean.

Patrick character is very endearing. He is shy and still hurting from his last break-up. He has always dreamt of owning his own condo and takes on a second job to achieve that dream. There, he meets Christian, the sophisticated Dean who takes his breath away. 

Christian is the a-typical good guy. Smart, funny, handsome and is not at all what you would think by his appearance. When he sees Patrick for the first time his body reacts to an immediate lust for him. While Patrick thinks he is not good enough for someone like Christian, Christian does not have any of those misgivings and does not let anything stand in his way of perusing Patrick. 

There are points in the book where Patrick's low self-esteem really seemed to bother me and Christian's utter devotion seemed boarding on stalkerish. As you read on, you began to see that pervious relationships have a hand to play in the reflection of their own self-image. 

This is an easy read full of love and at time mushy romance. If that is what you are looking for, then this book is for you. 

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