Review: Wicked Game- Mercy Celeste

Title: Wicked Game
Author: Mercy Celeste
Release Date: September, 2011
Publisher: Liquid Silver
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 5 Hoots
Reviewer: Krishna

Cass Pendleton and Jaime Dalton have been mortal enemies since the first day of kindergarten when Jaime pulled her hair and Cass knocked him flat on his ass.

Jaime is on the verge of superstardom in the NFL; all that’s missing is a Super Bowl ring and a personal assistant who can handle his business without handling his business.

Cass seems to be the best person for the job. She’s smart, mouthy, dependable, pig-headed, loyal, and completely not his type. So why can’t Jaime think of anything except Cass?

He knows one thing for dead certain. If the game doesn’t kill him, sex with Cass Pendleton most definitely will. (Goodreads)
Wicked Game is a kind of book, a reader who is looking for romance, humor and fun would absolutely love! You start it with a smile on your face and it ends with that sweet smile still on your face.

Cass and Jaime are very adorable together. You can't help but anticipate their every interaction because you know it would be fun and hot! Their chemistry together is just sizzling hot! One would be a stone not to feel their crazy chemistry. Their witty banters and uber hot scenes are so much fun to read. And their wonderful and sassy mothers are absolutely lovable.

The pacing of the story is just right. It wasn't crazily fast; a reader wouldn't have any problem following the story. And I really liked how the author, Mercy Celeste, gave Cass and Jaime the time to sort out their feelings for each other. The unfolding of their feelings for each other was not forced and it's something I really appreciate.

It's really a joy to read this book. A reader wouldn't regret reading a book that would have you suddenly laughing out loud while reading it in a coffee shop. This book is a must read for those readers who are looking for something light, sexy, easy and super sweet to read. 

I am looking forward to reading more of Miss Mercy Celeste's works. 

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