Review: To the Limit by Jo Leigh

Title: To the Limit
Author: Jo Leigh
Release Date: July 23th 2013
PublisherHarlequin Blaze
Genre: Romance
Rating: 3.5 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia
Buy From:  AmazonBarnes and Noble

Sum It Up! This was a great quick read! 

Subject: Captain Sam "Jaws" Brody
Mission: Test his limits...and push hers! Air force pilot Sam Brody's posting at Holloman AFB is a new start...and a brutal reminder that he'll never fly again. The bright side? It's the same town as teacher (and widow) Emma Lockwood-the woman he's always had a major thing for. The woman who married his best friend....

For years, Emma ignored the spark between her and Sam. Now that he's in town, the spark has turned into full-on electrical overload! She tells herself to stay grounded. She doesn't want another hotshot flyboy, no matter how sexy. But with every night of wicked passion with Sam, she finds herself closer to the point of no return....
Uniformly Hot! The Few. The Proud. The Sexy as Hell.  (NetGalley)

Unbelievably, this story started out slow.  I was worried for a few pages that Sam would be too reserved and hold himself back.  Boy was I relieved when the action picked up, the truth came out and these two got it on!

Life is short.  The life of a fighter pilot even shorter.  These two things Emma knows all too well.  She has lived life in the fast lane and now wants to find Mr. Right and make babies.  I loved how honest she was with herself about some things.  The one thing she has never been honest about however have been her feelings for Sam…her late husband’s best friend.

Sam lived the life: fast bikes, faster women and the fastest jets!  Being an elite fighter pilot was all Sam ever wanted, until he met Emma.  Unfortunately, Danny saw her first and snatched her right up.  Sam felt so much more for Emma, but hid is well.  Then when Danny was killed, Emma blocked out all her life with Danny-including Sam.

Fast forward two years and Sam’s life has been turned on its ear.  He is grounded, lost his fighter jet status and needs corrective eye surgery.  But what he needs more turns out to be a reality check in the form of love with Emma.  This was a great quick read…Enjoy!

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