Review: The Bad Boys' Reluctant Woman by Sam Crescent

Title: The Bad Boys’ Reluctant Woman
Author:Sam Crescent
Series:The Law Castle Bad Boys #2
Release Date:December 19th 2012
Publisher:Evernight Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 HOOTS
Reviewer: Charity
Buy From: Amazon/B&N

Sum It Up! The idea is great, the execution not so much.

After living in the Foster system, Zoe Howard does not trust easily. She moves to Law Castle with the hope of settling down. What she doesn’t expect is to be he woman that three men desire.

Jake, Brent and Connor have been friends all their lives. They want a woman to share and they know that woman is Zoe. However, she keeps all three men at arms length. Her reluctance is frustrating as they know she wants them.

Zoe is reluctant to give herself to three men. She’s scared to love and to trust again. All three men fight her resolve and show her how it can feel to be loved by three men. When Zoe ends up in danger her men realize the love they feel for her.

But could they be too late to tell her how they feel? (Goodreads)

The Bad Boys’ Reluctant Woman is book 2 in the Law Castle Bad Boys series, but I have not read book one. I was able to follow along with no problem, but I have no way of knowing if I would have rated higher had there been back story available in book one for these characters. It was hard to have an emotional connection with the characters, it almost happened, but not quite. I don’t see the allure of Zoe to these crazy hot men that constantly have women falling all over them. The hard to get may be fun for a while, but she really put up a wall of resistance. With the three men not having any sexual contact with each other I can’t fathom how Zoe would it for them. That said, Sam Crescent writes good sex! When it came down to it, it was good. The skimming of details during the fast forward of time was irritating. I would have liked to have read through the one on one action between Zoe and each guy. As it seems I am always saying with a Sam Crescent review…the idea is great, the execution not so much.

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