Review: This Cowboy's Heart by Vanessa Deveraux

Title: This Cowboy’s Heart
Author:Vanessa Devereaux
Release Date: January 16th 2013
Publisher:Evernight Publishing
Rating: 3 HOOTS
Reviewer: Karia
Buy From: Amazon

Sum It Up! I would have much preferred if this was a bit longer, with more depth and character development. 

Romance on the Go

Eva recently called off her wedding, so the last thing she wants to think about is romance and someone else’s nuptials. Then she gets a call from her sister with the news that she’s getting married in five days. 

Not one to let her baby sibling down, Eva heads to Wyoming where she meets Cade, the best man and ultimate bachelor. After a night of passionate sex, Cade tells her not to expect anything more from him. However, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and when Eva returns to visit her sister, she has to stop by to see him again.

Can she ever win this cowboy’s heart? (www.evernightpublishing.com)

Nothing slows me down faster than typos and grammar mistakes. Just saying...the story line however was cute and I personally enjoy (and believe) in "love at first sight". The instant chemistry that Cade and Eva feel is only surpassed by that of her sister and soon-to-be hubby. The most random bit in the story is the fact that Cade's half brother is soaking in the tub while Eva and Cade enjoy round one. Add to that, him joining in for an impromptu MFM, which all say they have never done...awkward? or Odd? But, it is not a true MFM so don't be scared off...she merely enjoyed one and then the other and then Cade's brother left...leaving Eva and Cade to enjoy their night.

I would have much preferred if this was a bit longer, with more depth and character development. I also wished there was a scene with Cade and Eva's sister talking about Eva and having Cade's side of the story told. It would have made the end and the HEA a bit more smooth and realistic. Enjoy.


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  2. I don't mind grammar & typos in ARCs but when I buy books, I expect it to be 99.9% perfect! At least the story was enjoyable enough.

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