Review: Making Him Sweat by Meg Maguire

Title: Making Him Sweat
Author: Meg Maguire
Release Date: February 19th 2013
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating:4 HOOTS
Reviewer: Karia
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Sum It Up!   This book is a winner!

She's hitting below the belt...

Round 1
In this corner is admittedly romantic Jenna Wilinski, who's inherited a
rather seedy boxing gym from her estranged father. With it, she can
realize her dream of launching an upscale matchmaking
business...provided she can take on the very intimidating-and wickedly
hot-boxer who stands in her way!

Round 2
In the far corner is former pro boxer Mercer Rowley. He's the only one
who can protect his "home"-even if it is a little run-down- from his
determined and feisty little opponent. But man, once the gloves come
off, his hands just want to touch her everywhere...

Round 3
This matchup is too close to call. But no matter which contender comes
out on top, the other is sure to enjoy every minute of it....(Goodreads)

I love fight books...especially where old school boxing meets the more
modern MMA style. This cute book had so many great characters and a
good old fashion romance. Both Mercer and Jenna were apprehensive about
the other due to their predicament: namely Jenna's estranged father who
left his gym to Jenna but also left Mercer in charge of the gym and
living in his apartment.

As the two dance around each other, they also learn a thing or two about
their lives, their relationships with Jenna's father (Mercer's surrogate
father) and their futures. I loved how Mercer was so even keeled and
calm while Jenna tended to be rash and excitable. I loved how they gave
in to their shared passion and didn't over analyze it, but went with it.
And finally, I loved how they were in each others corner when the
"fight" is on. That is what makes a relationship and bonds people: a
common goal.

As many fellow readers know, I love Harlequin Blaze books. While I hit
a few bummers in the fall, this book is a winner! Enjoy!

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