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Hey Nocturne Reads! Great to visit the blog again! Seems like just yesterday that I was here to talk about the Eternal Ones books.

Today, you’ve invited me to post about my latest book, The Darkness Dwellers. It’s the third novel in my (rather nutty) Kiki Strike series—a series that, until now, has contained very little romance. But the characters’ hearts start causing big trouble in book #3. In fact, the entire novel revolves a scandalous affair!

First a word of warning. If you’re looking for serious romance, you’ll probably want to check out the other book I have coming out in Jan/Feb 2013. It’s called How to Lead a Life of Crime, and though it’s a dark, violent and disturbing thriller, there is a romance at it’s heart that may be the most touching relationship in any of the books I’ve written.

The Kiki take on romance is a little less “mature.” The books are meant to be accessible to all readers, young and old. So while adults will find Kiki-style lovin’ quite entertaining, there’s nothing in the books that you wouldn’t want a nine-year-old to see.

OK! Enough caveats. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Kiki Strike books, they follow the Irregulars, a group of delinquent former Girl Scouts who discover a forgotten network of tunnels beneath New York. The entrance to the “Shadow City” is inside a hidden graveyard. And it’s in this cemetery that The Darkness Dwellers begins.

For as long as the Irregulars have been frequenting the cemetery, they’ve seen evidence of only one other visitor. Every Valentines Day, someone leaves a bouquet of calla lilies beside one of the grave markers. On the card attached is a portion of a poem—and a strange name.

A little detective work (that’s what the Irregulars do best), and they’ve discovered that the person who leaves the flowers is the stuffy, uptight headmistress of a Manhattan etiquette academy. And the dead man for whom she leaves the flowers is a notorious American traitor.

The nature of their relationship is one of the many mysteries the Irregulars must solve. (I promise you’ll be surprised by the outcome.) Along the way, the narrator must deal with her own traitor heart when she falls for her friend’s amazing boyfriend. (We’ve all been there, right?) And even tough, butt-kicking Kiki Strike finds herself swooning over a mysterious French explorer. (Can you blame her?)

That’s pretty much all I can tell you without giving too much away! I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it!




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