Karia's Top Summer 2012 Reads

Hi all...I counted and I read 37 books this summer (not including re-reads)...and now to choose my top three favourites:

Breathe by Kristen Ashley: This book had it all. The sweet girl longing for someone she can't have...The bad boy who wants to be good...A great little mystery twisting here and there through the most romantic and loving romance.

Defying the Odds by Kele Moon (and the second in the series Star Crossed I finished just this morning): What a great fight book! I love boxing, UFC, MMA and this book gave us everything. The fighters are awesome with real life situations and the women are not your "types". I really enjoyed Clay and Melody, but the story was so much more bringing in Clay's fight partner Wyatt and Wyatt's twin Jules. The full meal deal!
12 Rounds by Lauren Hammond: Another fight book, but wow! Ms Hammond surprised me. At first I wasn't too sure there was a way to turn Sean into a great hero, but slow and deliberately, Seany grew on me and he was just too sweet and rough and raw not to fall for...so I did! I cannot wait for 13Rounds!

I know I reviewed Breathe on the website, but it is so good that I just had to make it my number one...the other two books are certainly authors everyone should try...And if you love the fight books I would also recommend Saving Cinderella (by Gina L Maxwell), Causing Havoc and Back in Black (both by Lori Foster). Honourable mention goes out to Christie Craig and her Divorced Series...seriously fun, great reads! Enjoy!


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