Charity's Top Summer Reads 2012

Rough Surrender-Cari Silverwood
Historical Romance Erotica
This makes my list because it was a new view for me. I generally stay away from Historical reads, but this one was fresh, it grabbed my attention, and it had some very scorching scenes. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes Erotic writings, a little on rougher side.
I would also like to suggest the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. I am sure these have already been nominated, but just in case they weren't I wanted to throw them out there. Although they aren't the most well written books, they definitely aren't bad for the genre. Obviously there is a lot of hype and publicity surrounding them and that is what makes these books worthy of a Top Summer read spot, in my opinion. They introduced many more readers to the Erotic genre. They are making the discussion of sex more open for women to talk about, and they have made some women more comfortable about talking about their desires. I'm sure these books not only helped the Erotic genre, but they also helped a lot of marriages.

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