Review: Moon Eyes by Marie Medina

Title:  Moon Eyes
Author: Marie Medina
Release Date: July 2012
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Rating: 4.5 Hoots
Reviewer: Charity
Buy From: Amazon
Sum It Up! Well done Ms. Medina!

Abby plans an intimate surprise party for her friend Jeffrey, hoping their friendship is about to blossom into something more. She didn’t plan on almost being attacked by a black panther at his cabin, but when Jeffrey comes to her rescue at the last moment, she doesn’t question the good luck or the heightened emotions that land her in his arms that night. But when she wants to call the authorities, he informs her that she has nothing to fear because the beast that frightened her so is actually the man who just spent a whole night making love to her. Can she believe this amazing story? And if so, does this sexy beast only want her body, or has he cast his eyes on her heart as well? (Goodreads)
A short hot read at about 30 pages and it will grab your attention until it’s over. “Moon Eyes” is one of those shifter romance reads with really steamy scenes that just makes you wonder why you can’t be the leading lady receiving all that attention!

Marie Medina is a writer that captures emotions well, when secrets and confessions are revealed the reactions are very believable. Jeffrey is a kind and understanding man, but Abby takes the cake in this story (pun intended). She has the appropriate reactions, makes time to think, and then goes for what she wants. Well done Medina!

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