Review: The Officer Says I Do (Honor Bound)- Jeanette Murray

Title: The Officer Says I Do (Honor Bound)
Author: Jeanette Murray
Series: Semper Fi Book 1
Release Date: July 1 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia
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Sum It Up! Hot tag, big Vegas jackpot and a sweet romance. 

Captain Timothy O'Shay is on pre-deployment leave in Las Vegas when he meets Skye McDermott. For once, Tim lets loose and the two hook up. But in the morning, Tim wakes up to discover he's married to a woman who's the polar opposite of what he always envisioned in a wife. But Skye is sure that this is fate, and that they are destined to be together. Can she convince him to stay with her before he's deployed?  (Goodreads) 

I picked this book out by the cover...all things Vegas baby! Heading down in October for the World Championships of the PBR!!!! Super excited, so I thought I would read this one: Hot tag, big Vegas jackpot and a sweet romance. 

The tags: Tim (Captain Timothy O'Shay) and his buddies were in Vegas for a "last weekend" before shipping out to Afghanistan (again). Tim is the mild mannered, always reasonable, care taker of the group. But, when he starts to let loose on his last night, Tim partakes in some whiskey shots, cards and hot sex behind a potted plant. In the morning, Tim leaves the comped hotel room, but not before folding his lovers clothes neatly on the end of the bed.

The lover: Skye is a hippie child who stepped away from most of her parents’ values by moving to Vegas and catering to the rich, gluttonous hedonists! One look at Tim and Skye knows that fate has stepped into her life and given her a gift. When he asked her to marry him, both Skye and I were shocked, but my heart clenched right along with her! The first night I met DH, I knew...now 20 years later, I still know that God put him in my way. So, for me, this love at first sight, fate, karma, Providence...was not a leap of belief.

The angst: Well, the leap of belief was a bit harder for Tim and his family. I loved watching Skye and Tim learn to bond, be friends and then lovers (again). These two are the typical opposites attract, but perhaps that is what makes the romance sweet. I laughed at the clutter bug Skye and the neat freak Tim learning to co-exist. There was nothing horrible or too difficult for these two to overcome and their HEA was sweet.

The next maneuver: Tim's sister and his buddy...I loved their "love-hate" relationship. I can't wait for their story.

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