Review: Luscious Amanda Usen

Title: Luscious
Author: Amanda Usen
Release Date: July 3 2012
PublisherSourcebooks Casablanca- Net Galley
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Rating: DNF
Reviewer: Karia
Buy From: AmazonBarnes and Noble
Sum It Up! There are a lot of great reviews for this book, but I just wasn't into Sean's laid back, standoff manner. 

A sizzling second book in a new contemporary series featuring sexy chefs. Newly divorced chef Olivia Marconi is balanced on the knife-edge of a major meltdown. A week in Italy with Sean, her hot divorce attorney–not to mention the fantastic food and wine–sounds like the perfect getaway. If only she wasn’t there to break her parents’ hearts by quitting the family business. Sean’s attention makes her feel brave, desirable, and adventurous again. But Sean is hiding something, and Olivia is short on trust these days. Can a romantic interlude in Italy turn into something more, or will it all go up in smoke? (Goodreads)
For many of you who follow my reviews you may be very surprised at my rating of did not finish.  This is so rare for me that I can't even recall the last time I actually didn't push through and find out how the book ends.  But something about this book just did not grab me.  I tried three different weekends to get into the story, into Olivia and into Sean.  What I really wanted to was go back in time and smack Sean on the head, make him tell Olivia how he really felt and then she would have been saved from her disastrous marriage, unfulfilled career and feelings of worthlessness.
I do believe that my tastes in fictional men have shifted to those alpha males that go and get what they want.  There are a lot of great reviews for this book, but I just wasn't into Sean's laid back, standoff manner.  In the end, their flight to Europe just didn't' hold the promise that I expect from a book and by page 100...I gave up.  Give it try and comment back to me if you loved it...I enjoy hearing what others get out of books that I have both loved and less than appreciated.  Enjoy!

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