Interview: Jeanne Cooper

NRR: Hi Jeanne! It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to ask you a couple of questions. So first, what made you decide to write a memoir?

     Everybody from cast to fans said “you’ve done so much and met so many interesting people; you just have to write a book.” I mostly wrote my book so folks would stop asking me too! Though I knew it would be foreign to me, I decided to tackle it with the help of my dear friend Lindsay Harrison.

NRR:After all these years of portraying Katherine Chancellor what is one scene that still stands out to you?

     When Katherine got an infection in her leg from jumping ship trying to commit suicide and fell in love with the Cuban rebel who rescued her from the water. The makeup was so good on Katherine’s infected leg, that when Jeanne saw the “wound” during the scene, she threw up on camera!

NRR: What is your favorite part of playing Katherine?

I love Katherine being able to see through the falseness of almost anyone she meets.

NRR:What is one thing you want to caution readers to keep in mind while reading Not Young, Still Restless?

 Keep in mind that they are reading about just another human being who has lived and survived this life

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