Review: Jimmie Joe Johnson- Lindsey Brookes

Title: Jimmie Joe Johnson
Author: Lindsey Brookes
Series: A Possum Hollow Novel 
Release Date: July 5, 2012
PublishereKensington - Net Galley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia
Buy From: AmazonBarnes and Noble
Sum It Up! Well, don't expect much more than what the title...cheesy, funny, fast and full of Jimmie Joe! 

Fact is, just about every single female in Possum Hollow, Alabama-along with most of the attached ones-has enjoyed my services. And not just as an auto mechanic, if you know what I mean. With me, women know exactly what to expect. A sweet ride, and no promises.

But even a manwhore has rules. Like stayin' away from Baylee Jean Brown. As teenagers, Baylee Jean and I were hot and heavy. Then her Aunt Callie Rae warned me off, sayin' I'd never be good enough. Seeing as the women in Baylee Jean's family all have witch blood, and I figured Callie Rae was fixin' to do something unmentionable to my man parts, I agreed. But now suddenly, Baylee Jean-smart, sexy, wild-is all over me. She wants me bad-hell, who doesn't? But, if there's one woman who could bring a hound dog to heel, it might be her... (Goodreads) 

The actual title on this book is "Jimmie Joe Johnson, Manwhore"...come on with a title like that on Net Galley you know this country loving gal is gonna request it! Well, don't expect much more than what the title...cheesy, funny, fast and full of Jimmie Joe! 

Jimmie Joe Johnson and his Johnson are famous in Possum Hollow. But he has only loved one girl, Baylee Jean. Unfortunately, Baylee Jean has loved him right back (her feelings about his whoring are quite sad really). No other man will do for her, so she just doesn't understand why Jimmie Joe backed off ten years ago, just when they were getting serious. Enter her "crazy" Aunt Callie Rae. Her aunt threatened his privates if he ever came near Baylee Jean again. So, what is a boy-man in love to do??? Why, spent the next ten years doing (or diddling as Jimmie Joe calls it) everything within a 100 mile radius of Possum Hollow. 

Then, one day Baylee Jean snaps. She is done watching Jimmie Joe pass her over. She wanted her man and her approach to "training" that ole Alabama hound dog was entertaining. I loved the interactions with Baylee Jean, her sister and her friend T-Bone. These ladies were fun, silly and just raunchy enough to get Jimmie Joe to take notice. I enjoyed the chase between Baylee Jean being the aggressor and Jimmie Joe running scared. Then enter a possessed possum, a huge dollar pool tournament in Vegas and a hexx on Jimmie Joe's privates and you have a hilarious ride towards the HEA. This was a fun summer read, enjoy!

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