Review: Dracula's Secret - Linda Mercury

Title: Dracula's Secret 
Author: Linda Mercury
Series: Blood Wings- Book 1
Release Date: July 19 2012
PublisherKensington- Net Galley
Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Erotic Elements
Rating: 5 Hoots
Reviewer: Tiffany
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Sum It Up! Linda Mercury brings to readers a new fantastical tale that vampire lovers everywhere will instantly fall in love with.

In a world where humans and paranormal creatures share an uneasy coexistence, Valerie Tate has a secret. Not only is she one of the last surviving vampires, she is also the Dracula of legend, having lived her life in disguise and eventually reverting to her natural, female form after going into exile during World War II.

On the eve of a historic paranormal summit in Portland, Valerie has come to the city with one sole goal: to kill her brother, vampire Radu Tepes. Radu is about to announce his candidacy for the office of President, but he has secret, sinister motives for his desire to become the first vampire president of the United States.

At the same time former Army chaplain Lance Soliel has opened the doors of his struggling homeless shelter to both humans and paranormals, a controversial move that attracts the scrutiny of the media and the ire of Radu. Targeted for death, Lance is rescued by Valerie. Despite their smoldering attraction Valerie does not want to be distracted from her goal, but when she realizes Lance can lead her to Radu she becomes his bodyguard. But not all is as it seems, for Lance is no ordinary human. He is actually a Fallen Angel with paranormal abilities of his own, abilities that he will have to rediscover in time to save both his life and Valerie's.  (Goodreads)
Dracula, Vlad Tempes, Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Dracul, the world's most infamous vampire is now going by a brand new name, Valerie Tate.  Linda Mercury brings to readers a new fantastical tale that vampire lovers everywhere will instantly fall in love with.
In the day when the famed family the Dracul's ruled having a female daughter was nothing short of a curse, to the extent that the child was instantly killed at birth.  Not when that child's name is Vlad, one look into her father's eyes, and the biggest secret and greatest plot was born.  Living as a man from birth, the secret kept even from her brothers, and Dracula ruled the living and nonliving world's more brutally and justly than any other man could ever dream of.  Ironically enough, when ready to go in exile, all she had to do was become herself.  Though becoming the woman she was born to be may be even more difficult than she could ever have imagined.
In Blood Wings humans and Shadow Creatures are trying to coexist, and there is not always harmony in the mix.  Though there are creatures on both sides of the light that want nothing more than peace.  One vampire, one of the only three known left to existence, wants all the glory all to himself and go to all costs to ensure that happens.  That vampire is none other than Vlad's little brother, Radu Tempes, the same little brother she has vowed to put an end to.  She finally has him in her sights and is ready to end both of their miserable existence, when a certain Fallen Angel enters her life and flips her wolrd upside down on its axis. 
Mercury has come up with a completely original take on the Paranormal World.  Full of blood, violence, gore, sex and heat, Mercury is takes a firm hold on the UF and PNR world.


  1. I have this and I'm a little iffy on reading the story, thanks for reviewing it, sounds like it's worth my time.

  2. My thoughts were the same, but it turned to be worth the read. ;-)

  3. Ur more than welcome. Now, just make sure I get a copy of book 2! Lol. ;-)


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