Review: The Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness - Tamara LeJeune

Title: The Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness
Author: Tamara LeJeune
Release Date: November 1 2011
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: April
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Sum It Up! If you are looking for a good read with characters you can hate and ones you can love this is the book for you! 

Refinement is everything in the drawing rooms of the ton. But behind closed doors, a world of scandalous passion awaits. . .

A Gentleman Without Scruples
Patience Waverly has no time for uppity English aristocrats and no desire to become one. But when Patience and her twin, Prudence, arrive in London from Philadelphia to claim an inheritance, she discovers that she is now a Baroness. Prudence, meanwhile, is determined to marry into a title of her own. She sets her cap at Max Purefoy, the future Duke of Sunderland and, to Patience's dismay, the most seductive scoundrel she has ever met. . .

A Desire Without Limits
Max has little interest in frivolous Prudence, but the outspoken, outrageously attractive Baroness intrigues him. When Prudence's plan to entrap Max almost ruins him, he seeks amends from Patience. She must become his wife. And he will settle for nothing less than making their union one of unrelenting, unending pleasure. . .  (Goodreads)

The Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness was a good book but at times a difficult read. There were lots of lies floating around to people you are supposed to love and that could be a bit hard to swallow. The whole twin concept sounded great at first but there were lots of cases of mistaken identities and Prue pretending to be Patience and causing trouble; I seriously wanted to off Prue!

The romance and chemistry between Patience and Max is what saved the book for me. I loved them and was rooting for them from the get go. Patience is a very complicated heroine but knows what she wants and what needs to be done to take care of things. She is far more responsible than her twin, Prue, and proves to be a great character.

Max is a gentleman unlike any other...most times he is not one! I really liked Max and the witty, outrageous banter between him and Patience. He was a hero you wanted nothing more than true happiness for and he finds a way to get it! There are some twists and turns that leave you guessing and they definitely added to the appeal of the story. If you are looking for a good read with characters you can hate and ones you can love this is the book for you! 

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