Review: Cowboy Crazy by Joanne Kennedy

Title: Cowboy Crazy
Author: Joanne Kennedy
Release Date: June 1, 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary Romance (with Western flare)
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia
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Sum It Up! The fact that Lane and his rodeo rides were described in great detail also suited my PBR passion and hunkalicious tendencies.

She kicked the country dust off her boots a long time ago...

Sarah Landon's Ivy League scholarship transformed her from a wide-eyed country girl into a poised professional. Her job at the Carrigan Oil Company has given her the sophisticated life she longed for, but when she meets her boss's black-sheep brother, she realizes her roots are showing.

But he's ready to remind her she's a cowgirl at heart.

Rebellious rodeo cowboy Lane Carrigan is determined to save the Wyoming community of Two Shot from the ravages of energy development, but Sarah's convinced her old hometown needs a swift kick in the pants from the march of progress.

When a lapsed cowgirl collides with rodeo royalty, it's bound to be a wild ride-and somebody's going to end up in the dirt. (Goodreads)

Shamefully...I choose this book from net galley by the cover. I have been Cowboy Crazy for a while now...my string of reviews will surely reveal that my cowboy fetish has been a long standing one actually. I do believe I fell in love with cowboys one summer when we went on a family trip to another family friend’s farm...and met their tall handsome teenage son. He taught my sister and me to ride a horse and he taught me how to kiss up in the hay loft. Fast forward a few years, my first real boyfriend was a farm boy and he too taught me some great kissing techniques up in the hay loft! But, as life would sometimes have it, I moved on and towards University and working and left my cowboy fantasies just that, a fantasy. That is to say, until I met DH and he was wearing a rodeo buckle and boots!

Sarah loves cowboys and especially rodeo cowboys, but she knows that no good will ever come from a cowboy. So, she picked herself up by her boot straps and worked her butt off. Vassar, Harvard...big time schools and a big city polish, that is how the world sees Sarah. But, as I read the story, it was so poignant how fragile and country she was deep down. I enjoyed watching her share who she really was with Lane. And I especially could appreciate her salivating over all that is Lane Carrigan.

And, who is Lane Carrigan. I really loved that Ms. Kennedy did not out and out list off all Lane's attributes. We learned about him as Sarah did and it was such a sweet HEA. The fact that Lane and his rodeo rides were described in great detail also suited my PBR passion and hunkalicious tendencies. My only beef would be that Lane was much too tall to be a rodeo bull rider...6'4" is really out of the ordinary for PBR cowboys, but in the fantasy rodeo world, Lane totally worked for me...and Sarah! Enjoy!

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