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This is the definitive Betsy book for everyone, like Betsy or loathe her.  (Or merely want to sometimes step through the book and strangle her.)  And by definitive, I mean, “You know those unanswered questions at the end of Unfinished and Undermined?  They are answered.  Completely.  Readers will not finish UNSTABLE and wonder how Betsy—or if Betsy—is going to save herself, Sinclair, and the future.  Also: more zombies!  And angry sex.”  (As Danny DeVito said in The War of the Roses, “Is there any other kind?”)

Yep, the readers will know.  Revelations I’ve spent a few books revealing (Wow, did I just write that? That I revealed revelations? That’s why they pay me the big bucks, y’know: me write good.) will hopefully make sense.  Or at least seem less infuriating.  Which is what it’s all about, right?  Less infuriating?

Those of you who have followed my books for a while know I tend to do trilogies-within-a-series (when it’s not an out-and-out trilogy, like the Fred-the-mermaid books, or the Alaskan Royals), which are fun to write but sometimes hell on readers.  It’s hard to try to assure readers things will work out in the end, when the end is hundreds of pages and at least two books away.  So here comes Undead and Unstable, really truly the end you’ve been waiting for.

Except: while I was writing this book, my publisher kindly offered me a book contract for two more!  So it’s not the end.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited there’s more to come. 

So here it is: for those who thought the dark turn in Unfinished was just the kick in the ass the series needed, thank you and enjoy Unstable. And for those who hurled Unfinished (or any of them, really) at the wall, or swore you were done with Betsy forever, or wept tears of rage as you spit my name and gnashed your teeth and torched a tiny blonde voodoo doll with a wiseass expression on its, I’m humbled by your passion.  And either way, so very, very grateful.

Warmest regards,


Excerpt from Undead and Unstable:

“Please God it’s not true. Please God it’s a trick. Please.

“I’ll do anything. Anything to save him, even if it means putting a bullet in my mouth. But c’mon, God, I can’t do it alone. Help a vampire queen out, willya? Help me and I’ll owe you a big favor. Help me and in return, I’ll . . .” I tried to think of something worth bargaining for. I know! I’ll use some of Sink Lair’s vast amount of money and buy a Payless Shoe franchise. And work in it. Every day, I’ll work in it. I’ll pull double shifts in the motherfucker from now until the end of the universe. I’ll sell cheap knockoffs to everyone who comes in the door. I’ll have those silly “buy one pair, get the second half off” sales. If he’ll live. If I don’t kill him.

“Please God it’s not true.”

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