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You did it!!!! Thank you all so much! NRR now has over 100 GFC followers and 300 Twitter followers. Great job. Okay now I'm sure all you want to know is, what books are being given away and how do I enter! Note: Many of these books are older ARCs that Brandi and I had and did not know what to do with. We will be hosting another giveaway soon with newer anticipated ARCs (*wink*wink- Black Hearted Betrayal *wink)

So for box one given away by Brandi we have: 

His Dark Embrace- Amanda Ashley

Under Suspicion- Hannah Jayne
The Thirtennth Sacrifice- Debbie Viguie
Under Attack - Hannah Jayne
Oracle's Moon- Thea Harrison
Serpent's Kiss- Thea Harrison
Grave Dance- Kalayna Price
WInging It- Deborah Cooke
Colt- Georgina Gentry
Black Night- Christina Henry
In Memories We Fear - Barb Hendee

And for box 2 from me you have :

Witchful Thinking- HP Mallory
Stephan's Diaries Vol 3- LJ Smith
Spirit of Seduction- Olivia Quinn
Fashion Victim- Sue Swift
Graceling- Kristen Cashore
Haunting Desire- Erin Quinn
Night Games- Crystal Jordan
Reckless- Cornelia Fuke
Green Eyed Envy- Kasey MacKenzie
Deepest Sin- Caroline Richards
Born of Ashes- Caris Roane
Last Breath- Rachel Caine
Drink Deep- Chloe Neill
Bayou Moon- Ilona Andrews 

That's 25!!! Books! Enjoy!

For Box 1:
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For Box 2:
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  1. Congratulations on reaching this milestone! Thank you for the great giveaway :)

  2. Congrats! You guys have an awesome site here! Can't wait to explore it some more!!


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