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Recently NRR has started to post reviews that are rated under 3 hoots,which was not a delicate decision and came to result after much thought. Previously we thought that it was "cruel" to write a review on
a book we found not up to par and would just notify the publisher that there would be no review on the title due to a low rating. However,since we moved to our new blog we figured it was time for changes and one of them would be in lower rated reviews to be posted.

One of the strongest reasonings for this was NRR felt we owed it to our viewer's who come here looking for our recommendations and thoughts on books. We showcase the latest and anticipated titles and weither it be a 5 or a 1 hoot rating they deserve the honesty. Some viewer's follow
a certain reviewer since they have the "same taste" in genre's and author's but just because a reviewer did not care for a certain book our audience may feel differently.

When it comes to reviewing a low rated book we would never disrespect a author or their work, no matter how opinionated we are. Writer's are human beings with emotion's and just because someone may not like their work does not mean you have to be rude and class-less as we have seen
on some of the popular websites pertaining to books and reader's thoughts. NRR strives to be a fun and informative blog and that's the way we plan to stay!

Leave us a comment below. What are your thoughts on lower rated reviews?

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