Review: Highland Avenger by Hannah Howell

Title: Highland Avenger
Author: Hannah Howell
Release Date: March 27th 2012
Publisher: Zebra
Genre: Historical
Rating: 5 Hoots
Reviewer: Krystal
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Sum It Up! The plot of this book is character driven and slightly typical of Howell's previous novels. 

New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell continues the dramatic Murray saga with this brand-new story of passions surging in the face of fear. . .
Once, Arianna Murray Lucette believed she'd met the man she could always rely on. She was wrong. Now she is fleeing for her life, and when her enemies attack a ship bound for her only refuge, she believes all hope is lost. Until she awakens on Scotland's shore to a pair of the most entrancing blue eyes she has ever seen.
When Sir Brian MacFingal first spots the sun-streaked beauty on the beach, he mistakes her for dead. Soon, however, he discovers a woman more full of life and vitality than he ever dreamed possible. But though he knows he is fit to defend her life--even at risk of losing his own--can such a raw warrior as he ever be worthy of her love?
Praise for Hannah Howell and her Highland novels. . .
"Few authors portray the Scottish highlands as lovingly or colorfully as Hannah Howell." --Publishers Weekly
"Expert storyteller Howell pens another Highland winner." --Romantic Times (Goodreads)
Brian is going about his business, trying to help his family and friends, when he happens upon Arianna in an unusual predicament. Arianna is running from her own family (deceased husband's) and has the misfortune of ending up half-drowned. What can Brian do besides act the hero and aid the lady? Their romance begins rather tentatively in the beginning, gathering heat in the middle. Brian's duty is not over yet, however, Arianna is still running and they must get away from her rather insane family before they find the pair.
Arianna's character is perfect. She acts exactly as one might expect a half-drowned heroine to. Brave and remarkably resilient, her character is easy to relate to. Brian isn't perfect, but a female reader will forgive his slight faults in the face of his chivalry and charisma. When Brian and Arianna fall in love, their love is actually believable; the author details the love scenes perfectly.
The plot of this book is character driven and slightly typical of Howell's previous novels. However, her fans will love this latest book, particularly Howell's way of guiding the heroine to give up

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