Books to TV: Beautiful Creatures

December 2009 the writing duo of Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl delivered the spell-binding tale, Beautiful Creatures. The reception was overwelmingly postive among the credicts and caused reader's to rejoice with it's unique storyline in the world of young adult fantasy. As you can guess it was no surprise when Alcon Entertainment bought the rights to turn it into a major motion picture and signed on Richard LaGravenese ( Bridges of Madison County,The Horse Whisper and Water for Elephants) to write the screen play and direct.

Currently the project is in the filming process and set in and around New Orleans. Alden Ehrenreich (Ethan),Alice Englert (Lena),Viola Davis (Amma), Emma Thompson (Mrs. Lincoln and Sarafine) and Jeremy Irons (Macon Ravenwood) have been casted and it seems a postive acceptance from fans for their set roles.

Here is a look at the behind-the-scenes footage and be on the look out for Beautiful Creatures to hit the theaters in Febuary 2013!

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