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It looks like TTT is going to come a bit early this week. Many of you know about the scandal of last week. Honestly, I figured it would have blown over by now. At least a little bit. I mean had this been a small blogger and not one who had been blogging for 5-6 years, would it have really mattered? To some who truly believe plagiarism is wrong, yes it would have mattered, but to many, this was just a way to rant and rave and gossip. Reminds me of high school.

Just about every book blog adult or YA has had something to say. Honestly, I was going to stay out of it. I was going to just sit back and let it run its course. In light of recent posts bashing the blogging community and the rants that continue to pop up, I thought it would be nice to bring to light EXACTLY how many blog's posts are going to affect the community as a whole.

I just recently discovered The Story Siren. I found her giveaways and large amounts of books for review quite impressive. One day I wanted to be able to get every book I wanted to read early, to be able to share those books with others in the community, to give back to the world through reading, and to participate in all things author related. Those are the pros to what TSS had before this mess. Should she have chosen, she could have given her fame and fortune back. She had the publisher pull. Those that become so influential often forget why they started blogging to begin with. What TSS plagiarism tells me is that Kristi was no longer blogging for her readers. She ran out of original ideas and was afraid that without them her readership would go down, and therefore, the fame would go down as well. 

Many bloggers have bashed and bullied those who said, "Kristi is only human. Humans make mistakes." Stop and think. That statement is very very true. Do I think Kristi made a very human mistake? Yes I do. Do I think she knew exactly what she was doing? Yes I do. Do I think she felt remorse and guilt and sorrow over her actions? No I do not. As a blogger who had been at this for half a decade, Kristi knew exactly what plagiarism was and that she was participating in it. 

As a YA blogger who looked up to Kristi and her successful blog, this hurts on a deeper level than just having information stolen. Kristi shamed the entire community. She put a bad sticker on every book blog out there. And you know what? She had help. All the blogs (and no I am NOT referring to every blog that posted something about this event) that ranted about TSS and/ or plagiarism in light of this scandal also put a bad name on book bloggers. We are a community. We should be helping one another strive to give back to readers who do not blog. To readers who come to us for news and reviews. To readers who rely on us for their next favorite read or interesting comments. When those who are in front of people daily act like high school drama queens, that makes the entire book blog universe look bad. Whether you like it or not, you represent everyone. Google TSS scandal and see what you find. Do you like it? Do you think it represents the community well? I don't. 

Let me step back and say there are blogs who responded to this issue well. They put in their two cents with class and dignity. Check out Parajunkee's post for an example. So please, when you are wanting to discuss this issue keep in mind that while you can hide your face behind a computer screen, you are still front and center for the world to see. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Even those opinions that are negative. All I, and likely many others in the blog-a-sphere, ask is that you do it respectfully. Not with snark or hateful pointed comments.

Anyway, that is my opinion on this entire issue. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope that everyone who reads will respond with respect to my thoughts.



  1. I fully agree with you! I even linked to this post in my own -http://www.nocturnereads.com/2012/04/yes-i-posted-about-tss-scandal.html?m=1

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I was able to give a helpful viewpoint.

  2. I have to say I agree with Lenore 100 % . What occurred was wrong but let's move on people and leave this blogger be. This is the "media" way of bullying and quite frankly it is childish!


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