Review: Dead by Nightfall by Beverly Barton

Title: Dead by Nightfall
Author: Beverly Barton
Series: Dead Trilogy Book 3
Release Date: December 2011
Publisher: Zebra Books
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Rating: 4.5 Hoots
Reviewer: Dori

The fear…
Malcolm York is a sadistic monster, guilty of unspeakable crimes. And with his endless wealth, he’s funded a series of depraved hunts. The few who survived can never forget. They can only be thankful the terror is over—until rumors start swirling.

Only stops…

Griffin Powell knows the twisted depths of York’s madness. He’s also sure that York is dead. But then Griff’s wife Nicole disappears, and the phone calls begin—that familiar voice taunting him, promising to destroy everything Griff loves.

When you die.

Using all the resources of the Powell Agency, Griff searches for Nic, aware that every step propels him further into a madman’s web—because the only way to keep Nic safe is to join one last perverse game in which the winner kills all and the loser is dead by nightfall.  (Goodreads)

The presumed dead assassin Anthony Linden kidnaps, picking up where Dead by Midnight left off, Nicole Powell.  Nic realizes the maniacal Malcolm York has orchestrated his vengeful plan against Griffin Powell to the letter and plans to use her to his advantage.  Nic’s survival depends on her not giving up hope, Griff and the rest of the agency finding her, and keeping her pregnancy a secret for as long as possible. 

Dead by Nightfall does not fail in capturing the horrifying details of madness and sadism.  Malcolm York continues to torment Griffin, Sanders and Yvette by putting them through a series of test that leaves the trio emotionally destroyed. Not only are the main characters ordeals in the story disturbing, but the secondary characters (Barbara Jean, Rafe Byrne and Jonas McColl) also add to the ever-changing dynamic of York’s strategy.  These intertwining storylines take the reader on a terrifying journey no one wishes for their worst enemy.  The story invokes a strong emotional response readers find themselves physically drained by the last page.  Each suspense-filled chapter continually builds and builds until the horrifying climatic scenes in the last hunt.

Beverly Barton fans can rejoice in her final book as she continues to captivate and engage the reader into believing he is part of the story. Sadly, her passing last year silenced her writing forever. Her masterful storytelling, her unbelievable cliffhangers, and her unforgettable characters will forever live on through her books.

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