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The Fifty Shades trilogy by EL James has stirred up a frenzy amoung the media with a storyline pertaining to the world of BDSM that has grabbed million's of readers attention. Book clubs, social media sites and bloggers have spread the word on how this trilogy is a must read and along the way  opened the audience's perspective to the Erotica genre along with being said that this "Mommy Porn" has enhanced their love life in the bedroom.

Recently The Today Show and Dr. Drew did segment's on the buzz around these books which has added to the scrutiny. With the "professionals" weighing in on how certain aspects to this storyline can be considered unhealthy,violent and a step back in the women's movement. Which in the process has piqued more readers interest and placed James at #1 on the NY Times Bestseller list.

Since I am a fan of this trilogy I find some of the comments way off base. These books easily sucked me in due to the fact of the love story not that the character's were twisted, they tried to meet common ground to be together. Now for the women's lib, Ana was a strong woman that I grew to admire with her determination to make a career for herself and adapted to the BDSM world on her terms.  As for some people feeling this is violent and unhealthy reading...who is to say what is healthy or unhealthy in what we read and I have read more violence in murder mysteries then this.

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  1. I just read and reviewed this book and to me, this was not a book about violence towards women, it wasn't even a book about BDSM. Yes - BDSM is a large part of it, but it all seemed to be a side effect of the greater issue - the truly tortured and horrific past of one hot and sexy Christian Grey.

    I am a fan of dark, tortured characters, and Christian is the most tortured I have read. The story, which is revealed in more depth in book 2, is about a love affair where both sides compromise for the other. And honestly, in the BDSM areas where these two had problems, it was partially Ana's fault, too. She knew what she was getting into, and she knew how to end it.

    Ana, to me, started off wishy-washy, but grew a backbone as the book progressed. If the ending isn't enough of a show of growth, then I don't know what else is :)

    And I think Dr. Drew is a quack.

  2. Hi :)
    My friend Jamie above and I are buddy reading this series, so she gave me your link.I'm in the middle of book 3 right now.

    I'm obsessed with series, and when I'm not reading these books I'm thinking about them.:) What people forget about these books is that it's ADULT FANTASY ROMANCE. It's a dark romance about a tortured man that is used to controlling everything and everyone around him, until he meets the charming Anastasia Steele.

    This book explores love, lust, pain, fear, while pushing the boundaries. It's not a book about rape, or abuse or in Dr Drews words "Stockholm Syndrome" and quite frankly I find his baseless opinions quite appalling! This book is about adult in a consensual BDSM relationship, and both are willing participates. I find this series to have such amazing depths; it's about an emotional virgin and a physical virgin and how they meet in the middle to teach each other things they never knew available to them. Anastasia shows Christian love beyond measure and Christian shows Anastasia what's its like to be in a very dark place and overcome it with the one you love.

    Oh how I love me some Christian Grey *swoon* and Ana is pretty cool herself, she's awesome.

    Dr Drew is wacky, and I have no self respect for someone that forms uneducated opinions of a book he's never read yet, his wife loved it. I also find it tack to jump on a bandwagon just get ratings for your show.


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