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Author Amanda J. Greene

Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but I know what Ianticipate in a book.
Interesting/relatable characters
Sexy/alpha male lead and a sassy/strong heroine
A driving plot
Some spice (wink, wink)

These four aspects are what I base my work on. It isimportant to make characters interesting (memorable) and relatable(believable). For me, characters drive the plot, so, if the characters are flatthe story will be boring. Naturally, an intriguing plot with twists are alwaysfun (like an exhilarating roller coaster). I really enjoy books featuring apowerful hero and a feisty lady. Their personalities push the story along.
WhenI write, I allow my characters to lead the story. Their relationship shapes thebook and grabs the reader’s attention, and, hopefully, hooks them inemotionally. Then comes the spice. Oh, yes! Those…ahem…scenes add to therelationship between the characters and the romance is what it’s about, it is aromance novel after all. I am not only a writer, I am a ravenous reader (who isaddicted to coffee) and if a book has all of these elements, I will love it!
My newest release, Caressed by Night (Rulers of Darkness #2)measure up to my list.
Dimitri Arsov is the last pureblood vampire and king ofVolkov Clan, while Kerstyn Ingmar is the average, recent college grad.Together, they will embrace heart stopping passion, share dark secrets, andbrave death.
Thankyou for having me as a guest on your site and I hope readers enjoy the excerptbelow.

Excerpt from Caressed by Night by Amanda Greene

She paused in the hall and slowlyturned back to Dimitri. Silhouetted by the setting sun, his hair shimmered likegold, his diamond eyes glowed with blue flames, and Kerstyn couldn’t breathe.He looked like a creature from Viking mythology, a glorious god.
“Are you real?” she asked, hervoice a faint whisper.
“I am very real.”
He slowly closed the spacebetween them, took her small hands in his, then turned them so her palms facedup, and raised them to his mouth pressing his lips to each in turn. Her skinwas so soft and he wanted to explore every inch with his hands, his mouth, histongue— 
Dimitri swallowed hard and took astep back, releasing Kerstyn’s hands. Never had a woman affected him like this.Her presence put him on edge. He knew she would be different, he knew she wouldevoke feelings within him that he had never experienced, but he had no ideathese emotions would be so fierce, so entirely consuming.
“Will you reconsider and acceptmy offer?”
Mesmerizing. Captivating. Hiseyes beckoned to her, luring her closer. He wet his lips and a lightning boltof lust struck her. She watched his lips move as he spoke. His deep voicehummed through her body, creating delicious vibrations.
Kerstyn shook herself mentallyand, without thinking, she said, “Yes.”

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