Review: Kiss me,I'm Irish-Roxanne St. Claire,Jill Shalvis

Title: Kiss me,I'm Irish
Author: Roxanne St. Claire,Jill Shalvis,Maureen Child
Release Date: Febuary 2012
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Karia

Three bestselling authors brings fans three classic stories of sexy Irishmen and the women who love them. Includes St. Claire's "The Sins of His Past", "Tangling with Ty" by Jill Shalvis, and "What Reilly Wants" by Maureen Child (Goodreads).

Review: The Sins of His Past (4 Hoots) Ms. St. Claire's story focuses on a recently retired ball player, Deuce, and the one girl that used to follow him around, Kendra. Well, Kendra is all grown up and now managing Deuce's family bar as a internet café. Deuce didn't know what to be more surprised about, Kendra all grown up, his father changing up the business or rumor that his dad was getting married. The build-up leads to some hilarious "one-up-manship" as Deuce and Kendra try to prove their idea for the bar/café is the better choice. As old secrets come to roost, Deuce must decide if it is better to win the game or the woman. I liked these two, even though I always say that the truth should be told upfront!

Tangling with Ty (3.5 Hoots) Ty is a wonderer who lands here and there, but never quite finds his place. Nicole is an overachieving doctor who has deferred having a personal life for her career. As these two make instant magic, I was struck by the lack of depth in Nicole. Her shallow personality was written very well and I can almost feel her as that ER doctor that you do not want to get: extremely competent yet totally lacking bedside manner. I loved how Ty dragged her out of her shell and made both her and himself realize that home is the person with whom you can share your heart and soul.

What Reilly Wants (5 Hoots) A crazy bet between brothers sets the stage for this novella. Ms. Child gives us three gorgeous brothers, plus another, Father Liam (something in me cannot comment on the hotness of a priest). Connor vows to abstain from sex for three months in order to win the $10 000 bet. While trying to hide out from temptation, Connor hangs with his pal, Emma. Emma has been there for Connor and Connor for both her and her late father. The two have developed a strong friendship based on their love of cars, common interests, sports, blah, blah, blah…boring buddy Emma. And that is why Connor feels totally "safe" with Emma, his "non-woman" friend. Emma, shocked at Connor's total dismissal of her and her sexuality, sets her sights on not only making Connor lose the bet, but eat his words. This story was sweet and funny and I loved these two!



  1. Great review Karia!

  2. Just saw this book in the store...since I read it digitally...I was totally in love with the real book...hid underpants are the most vibrant green!


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