Review: Don't Bite the Messenger by Regan Summers

Title: Don't Bite the Messenger
Author: Regan Summers
Release Date: January 2012
Publisher: Carina Press (Net Galley)
Genre: U rban Fantasy
Rating: 3.5 Hoots
Reviewer: Tiffany

Anchorage, Alaska
The vampire population may have created an economic boom in Alaska, but their altered energy field fries most technology. They rely on hard-living--and short-lived--couriers to get business done...couriers like Sydney Kildare.

Sydney has survived to the ripe old age of twenty-six by being careful. She's careful when navigating her tempestuous clients, outrunning hijackers and avoiding anyone who might distract her from her plan of retiring young to a tropical, vampire-free island.

Her attitude--and immunity to vampires' allure--have made her the target of a faction of vampires trying to reclaim their territory. Her only ally is Malcolm Kelly, a secretive charmer with the uncanny habit of showing up whenever she's in trouble. Caught in the middle of a vampire turf war, Sydney has to count on Malcolm to help her survive, or the only place she'll retire is her grave... (Goodreads)

Short, bittersweet and full of blood, what more could you ask for?
Well, maybe a little more originality. The thought was there and so was the drive, just nothing jumped out and grabbed me to make me fall in love with the heroine of the story. Maybe if this story continues as a series, and brings in more aspects when doing so, something other than just textbook, then it could turn into a great read.

Readers looking for a short read in between books, then this is the book for them. Readers looking for their next great read, give it a couple more installments.

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