Review: The Department of Magic by Rod Kierkegaard Jr

Title: The Department of Magic
Author: Rod Kierkegaard Jr
Release Date: December 2011
Publisher: NA
Genre: Paranormal 
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Tiffany

It’s hate at first sight.

Jasmine Farah and Rocco di Angelo are competing for the same job in a dusty office in a secret Federal agency run by the mysterious, menacing Jefferson Davis Crawley – “Creepy” Crawley, as he’s known.

When Crawley is murdered in front of them after their first day on the job, Jasmine and Rocco are left to figure out who killed their new boss, and exactly what a job in the so-called Department of Magic entails. And magic, it seems, is nothing like it seems in children’s books; it’s dark and bloody and sexual.

What follows is a nightmare gallop through a world of ghosts, spooks, vampires, demons, and the minions of South American and Voodoo gods hell-bent on destroying the world and subjugating all America in the year 2012.

Only Rock and Jazz, in the company of a ragtag team of urhobos – homeless guardians of the District of Columbia– can prevent it by resurrecting “Goddess America” in a mystical ceremony on the Fourth of July, as the story reaches its bittersweet and unforeseen climax.  (Goodreads)

Paranormal fans looking for something with a whole new outlook of the supernatural that they love to delve in and a truly off-the-wall to read, look no further. Kierdegaard shines various new lights onto the world of the paranormal. Turns out, Abraham Lincoln isn't the only ex-president to fight off vampires.

The Department of Magic is a bureau of the government that very few people are aware of and those who are, aren't quite so alive but yet not quite dead either. Jazz and Rock are under the impression that they are competing for nothing more than a job within the government; Jazz just to pass the time, Rock because he truly needs the job. What they never imagined was the whole other world they were stepping into. A world where America is much more than just a country, and one of the Founding Fathers more than just a president. They also never expected to be in one another’s arms, let alone hearts seeing as how it was hate at first site.

The Department of Magic is a fun-filled, action-packed light read that will keep readers turning the page wondering just what is going to happen next.

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