Review-Turn-Down Service-Lolita Lopez

Title: Turn-Down Service
Author: Lolita Lopez
Release Date: September 2011
Publisher: Ellora's
Genre: Erotica
Rating: 4.5 Hoots
Reviewer: Chairty

Rosie’s made many bizarre discoveries during her years as a hotel maid, but a special request for private turn-down service accompanied by sexy, outrageously expensive lingerie? That’s a first. Desperately in need of a little spontaneity, Rosie shows up at Jack’s door as requested and quickly realizes the sinfully delicious Brit has something rather kinky in mind. He wants her complete submission.
Inexperienced, Rosie finds the idea of giving up control to this handsome stranger scary--and exhilarating. If she yields to Jack, he’ll show her the wildest night of her life. Spanking, wax, ice, bondage, sex toys—nothing is off limits. But Jack’s skillful hands awaken the wicked, wanton slut slumbering deep within Rosie, and suddenly one night just isn’t enough. (Goodreads)


WOW! Turn-Down Service is a short little read with just 47 pages, but it is packed full of hotness! I was reluctant at first with the whole random stranger aspect, but in just a few sentences Ms. Lopez clears that right up just by saying there was a week of talking and attraction first.

I love how Jack pushes Rosie just enough to reveal her inner sex kitten. Rosie’s character is inspiring. She was raised and educated one way, but wasn’t (too) afraid to let herself go and explore a new situation.

 Love it! 4.5 HOOTS because I wanted so much more! I am definitely interested in reading more from Lolita Lopez!


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