Review: Training the Master- Ann Jacobs

Title: Training the Master
Author: Ann Jacobs
Release Date: November 2011
Publisher: Ellora's
Genre: Erotica
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Michelle

Book 7 in the Pleasure Partners series.Pearl wants constant sexual pleasure, so she’s mated with Pak Lin, master maker of sexbots that are almost indistinguishable from humans. But she soon learns she wants more—some emotion, some human caring—from her mate, who seems about as cold as the sexbots who served as his groomsmen. Lin seems incapable of any emotion.Pearl knows she has little hope of ever meaning more to Lin than a convenient receptacle for his lust. She must lure him, seduce him—make him burn with desire for her alone. She must teach him how to love.Reader Advisory: This book offers an erotic, explicit public sex scene and male/male play with the Alpha Male sexbots.Publisher’s Note: The books in the Pleasure Partners series originally comprised the Luna Ten Chronicles and Obsidion Chronicles series, and were previously published elsewhere. Each book has evolved through extensive lengthening and revision for Ellora’s Cave to provide a consistent and hopefully enjoyable reading experience. This book was previously titled Obsidion Chronicles: Pearl of Passion. (Amazon)


Training the Master by Ann Jacobs is breath taking. Pearl's libido demands constant sexual pleasure. Since her past has shown a multitude of broken sexbots her matchmaker has paired her with a beautiful man named Pak Lin with just as a big need as hers. Though he's delivered everything she could possibly ever want in a partner, Pearl finds there is something off with Pak. He shows no emotion, no change of face during intercourse, and no desire to be near her outside of the bedroom. Pearl begins to suspect he is nothing more than another sexbot until she begins to seduce him and notices the slightest of changes in his behavior.

 Training the Master brings the reader into the middle of sexual heat right from the beginning. To add to the sexual tension Pearl is a heroic character settling for no less than what she wants and deserves. The story jumps to a whole new level when Pearl begins training Pak on what she wants and needs from him. Training the Master is a face paced story with a multitude of erotic sexual tension that will have any reader blushing within the first few pages, but adds to that a sweet sensual side that had butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Ann Jacobs is a wonderful author and I cannot wait to read more in the Pleasure Partners series.

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  1. Thanks, Michelle, for the kind words about TRAINING THE MASTER! I really enjoyed writing this entire series, and I hope you'll sample all the Pleasure Partners stories.


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