Review: To Walk the Night- ES Moore

Title: To Walk the Night
Author: ES Moore  
Series: Kat Redding - Book 1
Release Date: January, 2012
Publisher: Kensington   
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: Tiffany 

Even a vampire has to face her inner demons… 

Kat Redding is the very thing she hunts: a vampire, thirsting for blood, capable of killing any creature unlucky enough to get in her path. The difference is, Kat kills her own kind in order to protect human Purebloods. She’s good at what she does. Good enough to earn the nickname Lady Death—and the enmity of every bloodthirsty being around. But now a vampire Count is intent on merging his House with a werewolf cult to create a force of terrifying power. 

Kat can’t allow that to happen. Even if it means taking on a den of weres and a vampire more ruthless than any she’s encountered before. She has the weapons, the skill, and a few allies. But that may not be enough to eliminate the Count before her own dark nature rises to the surface—and costs her whatever is left of her humanity… (Goodreads)

Moore presents the darker side of the vampire life, werewolves at their most primal. To Walk the Night takes place after the vampires have taken over the human world as we know it, making nightmares become reality. No longer are the streets safe at night, people who dare to venture out after the sun wanes had better not be planning to come home alive. 

Kat Redding is a vampire, tortured and turned against her will, who hunts down and terminates her own kind. A one woman army determined to take down as many Vampire Houses as she possibly can. When asked to join forces with a werewolf worshipping Cult, the Luna Cult Den, she is faced with the ultimate question: is the enemy of my enemy truly my friend?

This book very much so deserves an A+ for effort, for it has much potential to become a fantastic series, many connections were there, just nothing done with them as of yet. It was just a tad bit too drawn out for my tastes, too slow moving in the beginning and middle, though the end does pack plenty of action readers will definitely enjoy.

Book 2 comes out in July, 2012 Tainted Night, Tainted Blood.

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