Review: Romancing the Hero- Cate Masters

Title: Romancing the Hero
Author: Cate Masters
Release Date: October, 2011
Publisher: Wild Rose Press 
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: Rayna

For romance writer Jody Feather, love is wonderful—on the page. Her books are instant bestsellers and readers love her delectable hero, Jake Emerson. He’s the kind of man who knows exactly how to please a woman. The kind of man who doesn’t really exist. Or at least not for Jody—she’s too busy writing about delicious heroes to find one of her own.

When a man shows up on her doorstep claiming to be Jake Emerson, Jody’s hormones shoot sky high. This would-be hero is everything she imagined him to be, and when Jody takes him to her book signing, readers swoon. But Jake only has eyes—and compliments—for her. Before long, Jody stops doubting his story and starts doubting her sanity.

When Jake convinces her she is overdue for love, Jody begins to wonder—instead of just writing about adventures, has she conjured one. (Goodreads)
This short story was very hard for me to rate; I’m being very generous with the 3 hoots.  I’m all about story line, plot development, and characterization.  That being said, the story line was fluffy at best.  I was constantly asking myself who is he?  Obviously he is real and not a figment of her imagination and yet he claims he’s the one and only main character from her books!  This concept had me revisiting that movie Nim’s Island a bit in which the novelist’s main leading man is a true person and they end up together bit.  Plot development was satisfactory and supported the story line.  Now for characterization, hmmm....it brings me back to is he or isn’t he?  Ill leave that one up to you!

If you like Cinderella and Nim’s Island was up your alley; delve into Romancing the Hero, you won’t be disappointed!  

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