Review: Lucky in Love- Deborah Coonts

Title: Lucky in Love
Author: Deborah Coonts
Series: Lucky O'Toole Book 2.5
Release Date: January, 2012
Publisher: Forge 
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 4 Hoots
Reviewer: Brandi

Lucky O’Toole, the vice president of Customer Relations for the Babylon, one of Las Vegas’s most over-the-top strip properties, is seriously regretting booking a reality television show, The Forever Game, in the hotel’s small theater.

The four contestant-couples add their own mischief to the incendiary mix normally available in Sin City while competing for a Las Vegas wedding extravaganza. The host of The Forever Game, Trey Gold, appears interested only in keeping the spotlight on himself while the contestants run wild, sampling all Vegas has to offer and threatening to blow the whole show out of the water.

Not only must Lucky keep the couples from killing each other, killing their relationships, or ending up on the front page of the Review-Journal, she has to navigate her own rocky road of love. Teddie, her live-in lover, seems ready to chase a new career as a singer, leaving Vegas . . . and Lucky . . . behind. And the Babylon’s new French chef seems determined to muddy the murky waters of love even further.

Then there’s Lucky’s mother, Mona, who never could leave well enough alone . . .  (Goodreads)
Looking for a visit into the world of Lucky O'Toole? Then pick up this novella and get caught up in this funny and enjoyable tale of everyone's favorite Customer Relations executive. Lucky in Love contains all the elements of the superb writing of Deborah Coonts!

With a reality show being filmed at the Babylon, Lucky deals with keeping operations moving as easy as possible but when she realizes these couples are more then she bargained for she deals with the issues like the pro she is. From a diamond encrusted dildo accident to an incident in a naughty massage parlor, this short story will keep you entertained with humor! All the character's from the series make an appearance and we get some one on one time with Teddy!

So Damn Lucky hits bookshelves late February so be on the lookout. If you have not had the chance to check this series out, it is recommended to start with the first installment, Wanna Get Lucky.

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