Review: Riding the Storm- Delilah Hunt

Title: Riding the Storm
Author: Delilah Hunt
Release Date: April, 2011
Publisher: Evernight
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 3.5 Hoots
Reviewer: Shannon

For Zara Whitley, a reluctant offer from rancher Matthew Caldwell erupts into an afternoon of illicit pleasure during a thunderstorm. But her joy suddenly turns to heartache as Matthew decides to put an end to the relationship before it begins and before she has a chance to inform him of her pregnancy. 

When the Montana widower learns that the woman who has been as much a friend and a temptation to him is carrying his child, his lust and desire to slake his needs inside her ripe little body escalates, but can he overcome the guilt he deals with at his wife's death and show Zara that his heart is truly hers for the taking?   (Goodreads) 

Riding the Storm by Delilah Hunt is a dark, steamy, emotional read that is both enthralling, and filled with many emotions from page one! The story is a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end with all the excitement, despair, lust, guilt, passion, and pain in between for both the main characters, Matt and Zara. 

While the love scenes between the main characters are smoking hot, there is much more to this tale than what just is between the sheets! It is clear from the beginning of the story that both Matt and Zara have a great deal of emotional issues both together and apart; yet they are both drawn together in the midst of great tragedy and life altering events. The passion that is kindled within both of them cannot be denied. But is their passion enough to overcome their differences and emotional hang-ups, or do they just need to go their separate ways? 

Riding the Storm is a great afternoon read for Contemporary fans alike, or fans that enjoy emotional and erotic stories. 

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