Review: Once a Rogue- Jayne Fresina

Title: Once a Rogue 
Author: Jayne Fresina  
Series: Taming the Tudor Male- Book 2
Release Date: November, 2011
Publisher: Lyrical 
Genre: Historical
Rating: 3 Hoots 
Reviewer: April 

Sometimes a bad boy is just a hero in disguise. 

Before Lucasta Collyer resigns herself to an arranged marriage she wants one night of discovery…on her own terms…with a complete stranger. But Lucy’s plan for a single night of anonymous passion is destined for trouble. Her fortress heart, once fiercely protected, is breached by John Carver, a blue-eyed, salty-mouthed, yeoman farmer. He also happens to be a self-professed former rogue. John is brazen, arrogant and refuses to obey orders. He's everything Lucasta shouldn’t want yet she can't resist the challenge. 

John has never bowed to nobility, nor will he be the plaything of an imperious, icy-tempered, young hussy. Clearly Lucasta needs a lesson in what it's like to toy with with a man, and it's one he’ll gladly teach her. But this rogue might not be as reformed as he wants everyone to believe. 

Can Lucasta and John go back to their own worlds and forget one another after their one night together, or will they risk everything for love? (Goodreads)

Once A Rogue by Jayne Fresina is a good historical read most will love. I had a hard time after Lucy and John's initial encounter waiting for their love and attraction to come alive. Lucy is a society lady set to marry an old and abusive man and wants one night of passion with a stranger before she weds. When she chooses John to be that stranger, he thinks it's a joke put on by his cousin and almost refuses. After spending the night with her, John cannot stop thinking of her and dreams of her. He wants to search for her but has no idea where to begin.

On her wedding night, Lucy is beaten by her new husband and needs to find an escape! She will not live out her life being abused and knows John is her only escape. Once Lucy and John start to connect and open up to each other the story is wonderful and reads very quickly. I have also read other books by Ms. Fresina and will continue to do so!

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