Review: Going Up- Lena Matthews

Title: Going Up
Author: Lena Matthews
Release Date: September, 2011
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary/ Erotica
Rating: 3 Hoots
Reviewer: Shannon

Watching Koko Brown’s kinky elevator exhibitions has become the best thing about Reese Desoto’s Tuesdays and Thursdays. As head of security of Sarraf Enterprises, he’s been keeping two very attentive eyes on the dark-skinned beauty and her naughty habits, but he’s over sharing her performances with all the other men in security. He’s ready for a private show. 

Koko always feared that one day her elevator fetish would get her in trouble, but she never thought her comeuppance would appear in the form of a man as devastatingly handsome and commanding as Reese. To her delight though, instead of reprimanding her, Reese offers her access to a private elevator, one in which she can be as wicked as she pleases for an attentive audience of one. All she has to do is step in, strip down and enjoy the ride. (Goodreads)
Highly erotic with some emotional elements, Lena Matthews' Going Up sets the pages aflame while leaving readers a bit unsurprised with the outcome of the story.

Koko enjoys her elevator "rides" and Reese enjoys watching them just as much which ultimately helps them connect together in the sex department when they get together for a private ride.  The sex was explosive, but the emotional components introduced in the story did not seem to fit with the overall feel of the story.  Koko and Reese's mutual lust somehow transitioned beyond the physical and into deeper emotions which made the story a bit unrealistic and too fast for the storyline but the story was nonetheless enjoyable for readers who prefer a love story instead of an affair between characters.

All-in-all, Going Up was an interesting erotic story that includes elevator fetishes, voyeurism, interracial sex, and a little bit of love thrown in for good measure.  The story itself was enjoyable and steamy enough to have readers wanting to find their own elevator to "ride," but readers should keep in mind that this story was more of a novella in length and feel.

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